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New stuff and moving forward.

Nobody's reading this, but I'm gonna say things here anyway. We've had this site for two years now, and have done absolutely dick with it. I'd say that was a couple of c-notes well spent. I originally started this site as a place for writings and film projects and general creative stuff, and then proceeded not to write anything. Classic Arvid.

Well I'm done looking at the past and what could've been, instead heres to the future. I have a bunch of great things coming down the pipeline. And I'm gonna talk about those things here and now:

First up, and I'm really excited about this: A Lovecraftian action adventure comic (that's right I'm writing a comic book) called, NecronomiCops. It's going to be a very tongue in cheek wacky book, but will still stay true to the Lovecraft mythos. I'll be writing, with my good friend, and talented artist Michael Weisner taking care of the drawing.

Next, we have two science fiction short films (very low budget, what I call lo-fi sci-fi): "The Psychotronic Odyssey of Felix K. Jensen", and "Chuck, From Outer Space" Each one will be about 15 minutes and should keep viewers on the edge of their seats. "Chuck" tells the story of a guy who meets up with his long lost friend, who may or may not be an alien. And "Psychotronic Odyssey" is about a guy who all of the sudden finds himself sucked into a new and different world on the other side of his tv screen.

Of course I'm working on my NaNoWriMo novel: This time it's a fantasy novel, but a modern fantasy. It takes place in modern times, but in modern times with elves, orcs, dwarves and dragons. The working title is Dwarven Steel.

Finally, I'm writing another feature scrip, a Halloween themed horror film called "The End of October" The general gist is about a kid who moves with his family to a small town that has banned Halloween. Think of it as Something Wicked this Way Comes meets Footloose.

Additionally InfoJunky the Podcast will return along with a video version.

That's about it for now, here's hoping I can keep this going. Stay tuned to this page for updates.

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